Seed Garden

Designs for scaffolding covers and the curtain wall glazing of a regenerated 1970s bus depot in Leicester. In collaboration with the architects, a solution was achieved which both animated and supported the integrity of the updated façade.

Developed in response to the function of the building as a site for the 'incubation' of new creative industries; the designs are based on the development of a planted seed – Germination – Growth – Pollination – Fruition.

The LCB Depot received a RIBA Award for Architecture 2005 and East Midlands Design Award 2006.

Commissioner: Leicester City Council 2004
Architect: Ash Sakula

Photography: © Faye Chamberlain

Mouse Mat LCB Depot Façade © Faye Chamberlain

Glass curtain walling-seed designs LCB Façade © Faye Chamberlain

Upper Façade the LCB Depot (detail) © Faye Chamberlain

Seed design - section   

Seed design - section  

Scaffolding Cover © Faye Chamberlain

Banner Design